Hi everyone, sorry it’s been a while it’s been a very busy week here in Adelboden! I had the pleasure of meeting Wakefield South division guides and what an entertaining week it has been, with lots of stories to tell! We got up to allsorts! Where to start…?!

Woodcarvers & Our Chalet

On their first day, Wakefields South Division Guides and I took a wander up to the Woodcarvers in Adelboden… seemingly sunny before we left, two of us clever ones had forgotten our waterproofs… (myself included!) BIG mistake in Switzerland! About half way there the heavens opened and in typical Swiss fashion we were soaked to the bone! The girls were shocked that their walking boots were all wet! Might be waterproof but not Switzerland proof!
Well we got there in the end and what a sight we must have looked! The girls thoroughly enjoyed the Woodcarvers, in particular the wood-carved yodeller at the front of the shop which sang! But did these girls let the weather get to them!? Of course not! It stopped raining on the way back home and the girls went to enjoy some nice warm drinks… then again in typical swiss fashion… the afternoon was glorious! There’s no telling what crazy antics the weather will get up to in Switzerland!

Adventure Park Rehaerti

The weather was great for the guides today! Even the leaders loved the adventure park – abseiling off a bridge, zip wiring over a river and the crazy looking air bridge (which I’ll give kudos to you all for, as I don’t think that I could ever do that one!) Eager to experience the most in Switzerland that girls even tested out the water in the river! SO COLD!

Steamboat, Brienz & the Brienzer-Rothorn

So… the Brienzer Rothorn is a steam train that takes you from Brienz to the Rothorn Kulm 2351m above sea level! Maddie took it upon herself to name every single cow that we saw – which were quite a few! The views were spectacular, and in this little steam train we found ourselves travelling through the clouds!

Grindelwald First & Trummelbach glacial Waterfall!

30 minute cable car journey… excitement or nightmare?! The Wakefield South Division guides loved this experience! 2167m not as high as the Rothorn but a completely different experience! For starters the entire journey… just cable cars! There are’t many people in the world that could say that they played in a sandpit on a playground so high in the sky! In the afternoon we ventured towards Trummelbach waterfalls. Despite the weather holding off with no rain, the girls and I most definitely got wet! The powerful waterfall with 10 different chutes and viewing stations alone drains the glacial defiles of the Moench, the Eiger and the Jungfrau, so if you’ve yet to see it, you’re in for a treat!

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