So it’s brightened up over the last few days in camp and what a great last few days it has been for 1st Hawarden Scouts and Explorers, 3rd Gosport Sea Scouts and 1st Candover Valley Scouts.

1st Hawarden had a great time at the Ueschinenhut on Wednesday evening and enjoyed a beautiful sunny hike back down to camp. Today they have all been off white water rafting!

3rd Gosport enjoyed a bit of team building before heading off to the Ueschinenhutte on Thursday afternoon for a hike and climb activity.

I joined !st Candover Vallley in Interlaken yesterday where they tested their nerves on the high ropes courses! Have you ever seen 8 scouts swinging through the tree like monkeys? I have!

Well done to Will and Verity for tackling one of the hardest routes!!! Some are as high as 20m up! Do you think you could do it?

Unfortunately I can’t upload any photos at the moment but will be sure to add some soon!