Nantgaredig & Bronwydd Guides being crazy in Amsterdam
Woodwork in the dry indoors
Woodwork in the dry indoors

It has been a few days since I last blogged as heavy rain on site has made my last few days quite busy! Both groups, however, have not let the bad weather effect their week and have been very busy with their outdoors adventures. While I’ve been running from shelter to shelter all week,  the Irish Girl Guides have been cycling on hired bikes around Baarn and Amersfoort, and Nantgaredig & Bronwydd Guides went to an outdoor swimming pool! It’s complete madness, but I’m sure they’ll be rewarded with some sunshine in the next few days!

Today, we had to battle through rain and hail (It is July,right?) to get on the train to the beautiful capital of Amsterdam.  Nantgaredig & Bronwydd browsed the local souvenir shops before going on a canal cruise, where they learnt about the city and its history. Many of the guides were very excited to see one of the Dutch roof hoists in action! Meanwhile, Irish Girl guides visited the gigantic Royal Palace in the centre of the city, which is the third residence of the Royal Family of the Netherlands! Both sets of guides then braved their way through a 2 hour queue to visit Anne Frank’s house. The Irish Girl Guides saw this queueing time as an opportunity to show off their amazing song knowledge, which made the time a lot more entertaining for everybody waiting!

So, with optimistic minds regarding the weather, we are all enjoying our time here and I will keep you updated on all happenings and goings-on over in Buitenzorg. It was also nice to see today that our Guest Bloggers, Westbury Guides,have written their first post as they are preparing to set off to the Netherlands next week. It is great to hear from them and I am looking forward to seeing them next week!