The frenzy of activities have maintained their frenetic pace with all the groups at KISC getting eagerly stuck into their adventures!

A lot of the scouts have been hiking in the mountains to various alpine huts, many of which are on or even above the glaciers surrounding Kandersteg. The Lotchenpass hike takes the groups up to the Lotchenpass hut where they eat and stay the night while taking in the stunning views of the Swiss alps and the beginnings of Italy, before hiking down the other side of the Lotchenpass to Ferden from where it’s a bus and a train back to the mighty Kander Valley.

Another group hiked up to the spectacular Frundenhutte, which sits high above Oeschinensee, giving amazing view of the bright blue glacial lake as well as the surrounding mountains. Three Steinbock, the Swiss version of mountain goats, were fighting on a precarious rocky outcrop as we walked past although they were back to sunbathing soon after. There is also a stunning, raging waterfall about a third of the way up between the Lake and the hut with an incredible amount of power. Once at the hut, you are within touching distance of the glacier, although the obviously apparent crevasses make sure that you wouldn’t take lightly a stroll across the ice!

The Ueschinenhutte hike was a third variation of the overnight hikes, which included the group managing to collect a herd of goats on the way back down which then followed them for a good half a mile before the female owner, speaking in very rapid German which none of us could understand, came to collect them back… so far the group have denied that they were attempting to have Goat soup for their dinner!

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