2012-07-21 16.47.03

Yesterday, Edgmond Scouts went on an adventure to the city of Amsterdam! The day began with a traditional breakfast of traditional waffles before shopping at the floating flower market, where bulbs are often as big as a scout’s head! We were then able to visit the Delft experience where we learnt all about the painting of the traditional Dutch pottery – and even received a free Delft gift of clogs (of course!) We had a picnic outside the Royal palace before getting cultural at the Anne Frank house.

2012-07-22 01.16.16

Next we had a surprise… a river cruise with a twist…. a PANCAKE CRUISE! This involved catching a boat where unlimited pancakes were dished out to hungry scouts, with a wide assortment of toppings! I managed 3.5 but that was nothing compared to the record of 6! Lucky there was a ball pit in the bottom of the boat where the Scouts were able to let off some steam!

The night wasn’t over, the Scouts all came home to an international campfire where they were able to show off the English singing skills!

I can’t think of a better last excursion – can you?