Vita stugan 019a

The sun was shining brightly as the first group arrived on the island of Ivo only 14km away fro the Jaboree site! The groups quickly settled into their cabins in order to enjoy the last of the afternoon sun. GLSE Scouts even decided to go for an evening stroll around the island to check out all the local hotspots. Unfortunately, the following day brought greyness and rain, however, this did not stop our lively campers as some set out for a hike, some took to the lake and some of the younger members of Fensham explorers even braved a bike ride!

Today was Jamboree day so we set off nice and early to cross the lake on the ferry and to head to the site. Spirits were high as we entered the Jamboree site and absorbed the truly scouting atmosphere. There were display tents from many countries that the scouts were able to visit and talk to scouts from all over the world. They were also able to sample some traditional food in the international food village with some groups choosing to have Irish stew for lunch and 148 St Dunstans choosing to have traditional British food in the Castle. The groups enjoyed the multi-cultural environment of the Jamboree and enjoyed being able to take part in the activities and being part of the Jamboree for a day.

Although the rain kept coming and coming, the scouts made the most of the day and were still smiling (although extremely wet) even on the coach home.

Tonight is the last evening for our first group on Ivo, however, we are ready now to welcome our next group tomorrow who are travelling all the way down from Norway.

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