Another two days have already flown by!

Yesterday Crowle Scouts and Explorers spent the day on the high ropes and also fitted in a trip to the pool! The high ropes looked incredible! One minute you are just a metre from the ground and the next the ground has fallen away to over ten metres! A few of the guys definitely conquered some fears!

5th Sittingbourne scouts mastered the Allmenalp hike yesterday. Some walked up and got the cable car down whilst others took the cable car up and hiked down!

Today 1st Crowle have spent the day up Jungfraujoch – It’s a long day, they left at around 7am and won’t be back tonight till about 7:30pm! I’m sure they have had a great day and will fill me in when they get back. I just hope they had clear skies up there!

Crowle Girls at the waterfalls

I went along with 5th Sittingbourne to the Trummelbach Falls today. And I can say all the rain we’ve had was worth it for the waterfalls! They were amazing! The sound the water makes as it crashes down is incredible. Take a look at the video below – you can hear how powerful the water is!

Did you know the ten glacial waterfalls carry around 20,000 litres of water a second! That’s a lot of water!

Remember waterproofs if you’re planning on visiting, the water sprays everywhere! You’ll end up looking like these guys!

Perhaps some new waterproofs are needed?
Perhaps some new waterproofs are needed?

Update: So the Crowle guys really enjoyed the Jungfraujoch! They didn’t get clear skies unfortunately but they did ┬áhave a huge snowball fight and made a snowman! I’m sure it rivaled 4th Cheam’s snowman too!