We began our first full day in Croatia with a nice early morning and before we even made it to breakfast, we had somehow managed to adopt two baby kittens. We gave them a little snack and a drink and decided that the names Mineral Water and Cream Cheese were perfect fits. Having already done our good deed for the day, it was time to start exploring our home for the week!


We walked the couple of miles into the nearby city of Pula and started with a visit to the Amphitheatre.  It was amazing, and our guide told us that it took the Romans 100 years to build over 2000 years ago.  I don’t think any of us realised it would be so huge or impressive; apparently it’s the 6th largest in the world! Climbing the stairs, we could stare through the arches which framed the perfect blue skies and views down to the coast, and we could see the whole arena spread out below us. Not so many gladiator fights today though.  Perhaps we just timed our visit wrong.


Next we descended down into the caverns underneath the amphitheatre, and found the tunnels where the lions used to be kept. We shone our phones along them to see if we could see any lions. And then had to clamber in a little bit… Before long we had decided to find out just how many members of Girlguiding we could fit in the lion tunnels.

We had some time in the afternoon to explore the town, which has a lot of Italian influences.  The narrow streets were really pretty and we also got down to some souvenir shopping and the important business of a Guiding trip: buying badges.  Mission Accomplished.

At which point it was clear that we had all earned an ice cream. All that hard work walking and shopping and being on holiday in nice warm, perfectly sunny weather is pretty tough, after all.

With our trip complete, we had time for a late afternoon swim in the bay outside our hostel.  The sea is amazing: crystal clear and not too cold (not once you’ve jumped in anyway).  We clattered down the pebble beach and were soon swimming out to different jetties to climb out of the water before jumping back into the waves.  Or diving.  Or High-School-Musical jumping. So actually, it was a very busy afternoon, and time for another ice cream.

We’ve enjoyed a nice dinner and now that we’ve taken time to share our day with you, it’s time to sign off and go and catch the sunset as it sinks behind the headland and trails paths of light in the sea. It’s so beautiful, it would practically be rude not to!

We’ll be back soon!

Middlesex East Croatia 2017