13.08.11 Woodcarver pose

Just when I think I may run out of cheesy titles for these blogs… the stories write themselves. In fairness to Adelboden, the scenery is heavenly and deserves something far more profound and poetic than clearly I am able to provide. Just look at the pictures for this blog – they could all come out of a holiday brochure – it really is this beautiful.

We visited two of my favourite Adelboden sites today- the first being the Cholorenschulcht Gorge. I find it simply majestic the way the force of the water has carved such beautiful shapes in the stone.

Speaking of carving beautiful shapes… That brings me nicely to my second favourite Adelboden spot (not necessarily in order of course!) – The Woodcarvers workshop and the fabulous hospitality of the Trummer Family. A new addition to the Trummer household is the delightful yodelling wooden man which the 69th B Belfast guides had yodel for them!

On to Our Chalet for the girls in the afternoon for some inspiring guiding history which is not to be missed. All washed down with a cascade of golden sunshine – Adelboden in all her glory!

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