So I’m unexpectedly back in Switzerland – this time with some lovely Trefoil Guild ladies. We’re staying in Adelboden for the week and have already enjoyed lots of different day trips. We’ve been to the Choleren Gorge and the woodcarvers, where many of the ladies picked up a personalised woggle or badge. Yesterday, we spent the day up at Our Chalet (One of the Guiding World Centres). The ladies enjoyed a tour of the chalet and learnt how to light a fire with just one match! They also took part in some Swiss crafts and visited the ‘Magic Tree’ – so named because it is entirely hollow but still has leaves growing on it! In the evening, a few of the ladies returned to take part in a lovely international evening with Trefoil members from the USA.

Today we visited Ballenburg museum which consists of lovely traditional Swiss houses and buildings. Tomorrow, we head up the Schynige Platte and the beautiful alpine botanical gardens there.