“Mum’s gone to Iceland”
Angela Owens, Llandudno Trefoil   North Wales

We all met at Heathrow, our tour to commence.
We’d packed snow boots and thermals, our bags were immense.
To Iceland our journey, from Trefoil we came.
Our flight uneventful, though excitement was plain.

Our cheery Guide Ian, a geographer to boot.
Escorted us quickly, to get us en route.
Keflavik town, was our first port of call .
The hotel warmth so welcome, as we entered the hall .

Ian, our guide, an incredible chap.
Entertained us with facts about this and ‘bout that.
Of mud pools ,smoked lamb,hot springs ,rancid shark!
He even told stories of things after dark.

Of a fabulous sky show, of colours so bright ,
One could gaze up in wonder at such a heavenly sight
Our journey cross country, gave us moonscapes, galore .
But the freezing cold winds made our British cheeks sore.

The Blue Lagoon beckoned, hot steam and mud too,
We hurried to sample, the water, pale blue
All of us swam, in the heat and the steam.
And most of us said we came out feeling clean!

Our faces mud covered, our hair frozen stiff
‘Twas quite an experience, getting changed in the” buff”
We’d picnicked quite grandly, served on platters, in style.
Then onward to “Ghost town”, where we stopped for a while.

A museum or two, salt fish and hot magma.
Day one  included a young ghost; was it Ragnar?*
We’d observed the mud pools and all things geothermal,
But were not quite so lucky with happenings nocturnal.

The very next morning we awoke with a shock,
The whole of Iceland was held in “grid lock”
A huge raging blizzard, snow here to stay.
Covered all of the country. No travel today!

But by lunchtime we’d mustered and planned to depart.
There was much more to see, we’d best make a start.
There was something quite strange though. Could it be the Elves?
The place was deserted, we had Iceland to ourselves.

We sang songs and we chatted as we travelled around
We even taught Ian how to silence a crowd!
More snowy white waterfalls, a geyser, a crater,
Once more Ian filled us with Geographical data

His fabulous account of the volcanic eruption,
Had us spellbound—in seats, no interruption
‘bout farmers and livestock and the people affected
He told us the facts from an Icelandic perspective.

More waterfalls today, which isn’t  suprising!
We even had glimpses of waterfalls rising
Some waterfalls large and some of them thin
Then an elderly gent showed us all how to spin!

Next stop was a village, for more coffee and cake,
Some of us even, felt the earth shake!
Eruptions and waterfalls , veg under glass
We are now all quite used to, that volcanic ash!

Hanging valleys and fjords, meanders and lakes
We travelled where Icelanders take Summer breaks
Lava fields beckoned , more waterfalls too
The highlight for some was an immaculate loo!

With this little “ditty”, I wanted to say.
A huge “takk”and  thank you from all of us today .
You’ve filled us with knowledge, your passion’s infectious
We will all be so grateful, for the experiences you gave us.
Every turn in the road every Geographical feature
Oh how we wish you’d been our geography teacher!

*Ragnar was our excellent Coach Driver

 This sums the trip up perfectly – thanks Angela!