The Girls were all so touched that their mums were reading along with their adventures, that they wanted to write something back to them.  So we thought it only right to give the last words to the stars of our show, The Epping Guides….

“Well…where to start?  Switzerand has been fantabulous!  From the colourful socks down to the wet bums.  My favourite day was when me and Charles saved the others lives because we’re awesome!  Can’t wait to be back and tell mum”  – Jess

“On Wednesday we went toboggoning in Kandersteg.  Sophie had just gone up, and my toboggon got stuck and caused a queue. Also we went boating on the Oeschinnensee lake up there.  On the boat my team left me all on my own screaming!  Very funny”   -Rhea

“Ive had a great time rafting, toboggoning and loads of other great activities.  I went VERY hyper after the swimming pool (where we walked a tightrope across the pool!) because I had two bottles of fizzy…” – Hannah

“On Wednesday me and Jess saved the others when we went rowing.  We’re heroes!  by Charlie x.” – Charlie!

I know as well that all the girls would like to thank their tireless leaders for their cooking, first aiding, organising, planning and relentless singing on all occasions.  Janice and Sarah, we salute you.  Their optimism and enthusiasm is boundless and the Guides of Epping are very lucky to have them.  I too was lucky to be treated to a week of the lives of these girls so a big THANK YOU from me also!

They are all packed up safe and sound (with far too much bubble gum!)  on their way back to you in the UK.  So it’s over to you mums!  The next chapter in the ‘blog’ is down to you…

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