Every Sunday evening at Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC), in front of the Old Chalet, the Pinkies host an International Evening. This is where each group onsite sets up their own stall and show off postcards, activities and even food from their local community and country – it is also a great opportunity for badge swapping and if you’re lucky the odd necker!

This week we had a buzzing atmosphere and an array of things happening. Our own VA groups were displaying some great stuff; 1st Seer Green Scouts had a fun game where you had to identify famous English landmarks and place them on the map. 112th Lanarkshire Scouts had a popular stall from Scotland where they were giving out local delicacies such as Tunnocks Tea Cakes, Shortbread and of course Irn Bru!

Other stalls included a Danish group handing out a homemade yoghurt like dish, a group from Sweden offering a fermented fish paste which went down with mixed results. There was a group from Wales handing out homemade Welsh cakes, whilst a group from Germany had made a sausage and cabbage stew. Following the theme of food, a group from Hong Kong made some very spicy noodles which had everyone running back to the Danish stall for more yoghurt to cool down. There was plenty more food to try from; Zimbabwe, Columbia, Italy, Northumberland an much more. Lots of fun and activities and great time had by all. The evening ended with a big song and dance hosted by different groups singing local folk tunes and dances.



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