Volunteering as a ski rep

Skiing has always been something I have wanted to try ever since I was at school, but as the years passed by I still hadn’t given it a go.

One Monday morning, I came into the office and I was asked if I would like to be a ski rep for a group of Guides, Scouts and Explorers. Of course there was no decision to be made… I volunteered! I got the news that I would be travelling to Tarvisio in Italy. I had never been this far north of Italy so this just added to my excitement.

Journeying to Italy

I boarded the coach in London and got an excitable welcome from our groups all waiting in anticipation to see the snowy peaks of Italy. After some food breaks, fun, games and Mamma Mia sing-alongs we arrived in Tarvisio. Our alpine style hotel sat nestled in a small village. It was cosy and welcoming – just perfect for our snowy ski break.

Ski fit

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up early and enjoyed a hearty breakfast before heading to the ski fit store. Upon arrival, I have to admit it was a little daunting looking at all of the different boots, skis and poles. The staff were friendly and got us all kitted out and ready to go.

Between us, we mastered how to walk on the snow in our chunky ski boots and shared techniques of how to carry our skis and poles. Eventually we reached the ski school where we were met by our friendly ski instructors who welcomed us to the slopes. Firstly we were split into groups which was suitable for individual ability.

Mastering the art of skiing

I watched as the Guides, Scouts and Explorers mastered the basics of standing up in their skis, and saw them head off slowly with their instructors into the snowy maze. I decided to take the plunge and head off to a ski lesson myself. Filled with excitement and anticipation I clipped into my skis ready to head off and start learning, but within around 5 seconds of having my skis on- I fell over! I felt my cheeks turning a shade of red, however when I looked around it was clear to see there were lots of people in the same boat and there was  no reason to be embarrassed as were all here to learn and help each other.

Hitting the slopes

After an hour or so of learning the basics of how to manoeuvre on our skis, I headed to the travellator which took me to my first challenge. I was very nervous as I tucked my ski pass into my jacket ready to go. One by one people slid onto the travellator, we lined up in an orderly fashion and waited in anticipation as we approached the top. Our ski instructor took the lead talking us through it step by step, making it look very easy! There were obviously a couple of tumbles but people around me were there to help, and I just dusted myself off and tried again. By the end of my first afternoon I felt like I was mastering the baby slope, funny to think that a few hours before it looked like Everest to me.

Later on that first evening we went back to the hotel for a hearty dinner of fresh bread and pasta as we shared stories and laughs about our first day skiing. After dinner we grabbed a fresh pair of warm socks as we headed for the local ice rink for our first après activity. I have to say, I think we all felt pretty confident about ice skating after what we had mastered today.

Finding our ‘ski feet’

After an exciting day and evening we all welcomed an early night and dreamt of our second day of ski school and what fun challenges awaited us. As the week went on, it was such a lovely feeling watching everyone growing in confidence and finding their ski feet. I think we can all agree – not only did we all develop ski skills, we made new friends and lasting memories too.


Why not consider a ski holiday for your group?


Blog written by Amy, Tour Consultant