The sun was shining, it was one of the group’s birthday, and we were off to explore two of Switzerland’s most famous exports. What else do you want for a Wednesday? Yes, we were off to get our fill of cheese and chocolate.

After a picturesque journey through the mountains, we arrived at Maison Cailler. The factory has been in service since 1898, and today it provides an interactive experience which takes you through the history of chocolate, right up to the present day. Many of the ladies commented how they liked the hidden doors and moving eyes around the place. However, most mentioned how much they liked the tasting at the end… where you got up to 5 pieces! This had to be kept quiet when one of the group received a call from a well-known weight management company in the middle of the tasting…! The visit was rounded off, naturally, by a hot chocolate in the café.

Our next stop was just down the round, in the little town of Gruyeres. It is famous for the cheese which bears its name, and this is what we had come for. We made it just in time to watch the cheese being made in the factory below, and learnt about how it was made. And yes, there was more samples, which were very welcome!

Full of samples and very happy, we headed back to Adelboden for yet more chocolate. This time it was chocolate cake for the birthday celebrations. These were then interrupted by a drone who decided to come and join in the celebrations! It looks like today will be the last nice day – as I write, thunder and lighting is rolling around the valley of Adelboden, being very dramatic. Tomorrow we are off to Interlaken and Trummelbach Falls, so here’s hoping for a lovely day!



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