Every morning I like to begin my day in a similar way, with a hearty breakfast to make sure I am fueled for the day ahead. My breakfast can range from a simple bowl of porridge or granola to a freshly baked pastry if I’m feeling naughty. When I’m feeling super energetic, I may embark on a morning run. However, I can confirm this is rare!


After breakfast, I grab my nifty bike and cycle to wherever I am needed for that day. Normally this starts at the scout centre, Buitenzorg. This is around a 15-minute bike ride away from where I stay, which gives me chance to cycle past all the beautiful mansions. Some days I may meet the groups at the station, depending on what has been planned.


Amsterdam is usually one of the best group days of the week. For these days, we usually get the train at around 9AM which means we arrive in the capital at 9:45AM. From here, groups normally go to their first activity. The range of activities varied for each group. These included the more notable attractions such as the Anne Frank museum, Amsterdam dungeons and the Van Gogh museum. In addition, we also made time for the very popular pancake houses and canal cruises!

The great thing about being a rep is that you have the opportunity to ‘tag along’ with the groups, meaning I’ve had chance to experience some great things whilst being away.

Amsterdam is usually a long trip as the groups want to make the most of their time in the city. This gives them chance to see the landmarks and truly take in their surroundings.

We normally get the train back between 5PM and 6PM.

Home time

I then cycle back home, by the time I get back I am usually hungry so I cook myself a well-earned meal. Unfortunately, my cooking skills are not as adventurous as me, so this normally consists of pasta, rice or a jacket potato!

After re-fuelling, I normally spend the evening working on a blog for that week, going for a walk or run in the beautiful surroundings of Baarn, or just generally unwinding after a busy day.

Then it’s time to prepare for the next one!


A day as a Rep is never the same and the groups have really made my trip.