It is always best to start your day off right, so this summer I wanted to make sure I did! Breakfast is key for a long day, so I would always start my morning in Holland with some delicious Dutch cheese!… sometimes on ‘cheat days’ I’d even have a piece of the famous Dutch Apple Pie!

Each morning I would take a beautiful cycle route to the brilliant Buitenzorg Scout Centre. Baarn is such a wonderful village, that every morning’s cycle I would always notice more and more things – my favourite route is most certainly the one past the Highland Cows!

I was so lucky this summer to be working at Buitenzorg, it is such a beautiful site, with so many kind and friendly staff members. The Dutch are lovely people, and extremely accommodating, I would often arrive at Buitenzorg and the fantastic staff owners would have coffee and pastries waiting for me…Leeker! (Yummy in Dutch!). This summer my groups stayed on the Eikenveld pitch, which means Oak field in English! All of the camp pitches of Buitenzorg are situated in the forest, so it is extremely authentic and peaceful.

My groups really did make my summer, it was amazing to meet people from all across England with such great passions for scouting and travelling. My best days out with each group has got to be the Amsterdam day. Despite this being the longest day, it is certainly the most fun packed and exciting! I truly believe that you could live in Amsterdam for your whole life, and you still wouldn’t have seen it all!

The Anne Frank House, The Nemo Science Museum, Canal Cruises, The Dungeons, and that’s just the start! So much to see, and so many memories to be created!

A day in a life of a rep is always an exciting one. Each day I would be getting to know new people, experience incredible sites and have the joy of working abroad! I feel extremely lucky to have had this opportunity in Holland and wish all my groups my very best wishes.


Hear it from Tessa herself…



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