After a full weekend in Cardiff, 33 ladies, 1 coach driver and 1 Venture Abroad Representative headed west to the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast for 5 days of exploring and relaxing in arguably one of the most beautiful areas in Wales.

From our base in Carmarthen, we ventured to the town of Pembroke, home to Pembroke Castle. Steeped in history and legends, a group of us learnt what used to happen between the Castle Walls; if you were lucky enough to make it past all of the defences that was! The afternoon was spent at the picturesque Bosherton, where, at the bottom of a long and winding path, spectacular lily ponds awaited us. The sight was well worth the walk! An impromptu stop off on the way home allowed us to see the longest love spoon in the World. An age old tradition originates in the area and the crafts on display were magnificent. The next day was spent boating across to Caldey Island, owned by the Cistercian Order Monks. Not many people actually saw any monks, but it was a peaceful retreat in the middle of nowhere; perfect for a relaxing few hours! Homeward bound and we had to tackle a duck boat in order to board the main boat to get back to the mainland. This was no small feat, but we all made it back to dry land!

Next on the list was a visit to St David’s City, with the highlight for many being the tour around the beautiful cathedral. The Guide was extremely knowledgeable and we made our way around the Cathedral admiring the intricate carvings and taking in the history of the place. After lunch, we stopped of in the pretty habour village of Solva. So far, the rain had held off; we just about had time for a group photo and coffee and cake before the skies opened and we were back on the coach on the way back to Carmarthen.

How to sum the week up? Beautiful scenery, fascinating places, lucky weather and a great group of people = one of the best Trefoil Guild Tours I have had the opportunity to courier! Thank you!

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