It’s been one of the most popular hikes for Guides and Scouts visiting Adelboden for decades, but what makes the trip so special?


  1. The hike

This hike is breath-taking, in more ways than one. The uphill struggle is worth it, experience the awe-inspiring views of the mountains and waterfalls that make Adelboden so special. You can even see Our Chalet and the Bonderlen chalets from the opposite side of the valley.


  1. The history

The Trummer family have been carving in Adelboden since 1945, with the family using traditional Swiss techniques for generations. Guides have also been visiting in all weathers for a similar duration.


  1. The woggle

Ever seen a Guide or Scout with a hand-carved personalised wooden woggle and wondered where it came from? I’ve lost count at the number of times I’ve met people while wearing mine at camps, people regularly asked: ‘So, when were you in Adelboden?’  A great conversation starter; the ideal souvenir.


  1. The family

Each member of the family specialises in a particular style of carving, and no visit is complete without watching one of them work their magic.


  1. The ceiling

It almost seems a shame to spoil the surprise but there is only one place over thirty years’ worth of guiding and scouting badges can go – make sure to bring one from your unit or country like the County Ceredigion group! There’s even a special spot in the workshop for Venture Abroad rep name badges, so keep your eyes peeled for some familiar names!


  1. The garden

As a summer visitor, you are pretty much guaranteed the opportunity to see edelweiss in the garden, even if it’s not quite as incredible as stumbling across a wild edelweiss high up in the mountains. There are also several carvings all around the shop to enjoy.


  1. The gorge

Cholorenschult gorge is a stone’s throw from the workshop, and a stunning place to explore before or after your visit. The suspended pathway allows you to walk right through the heart of the gorge. Listen to the thunder of the water that just metres upstream had seemed like an innocently meandering brook.


  1. And even if you’ve been before…


…they have ice creams now!