This week, De Kluis has seen its very own ‘Come Dine with Me’ competition carried out, camp style!

Merlin ESU split into teams and had to plan, buy and create their own 2 course meals for a Come Dine with Me style competition. Merlin invited me to join them in their 3rd night of competition. I was treated very well indeed!

The menu included Pork chop cooked on the BBQ, sautéed potatoes and salad with a chilli and chocolate sauce – yummy!


Cooking the pork on the BBQ
Cooking the pork on the BBQ

Dessert didn’t disappoint and in keeping with the chocolate theme, we had the opportunity to create our own chocolate, chopped strawberry and marshmallow tortilla wrap, which we then wrapped in tin foil and melted in the fire! Adding a little chocolate sauce and squirty cream and you have one delicious camp dessert!

Desert wraps melting in the fire! - Yummy!
Desert wraps melting in the fire! – Yummy!

To top off the meal, there was the entertainment for the night – a version of the TV quiz show ‘Would I Lie to You’. It was great fun guessing whether the stories told were truths or lies!!

At the end of the meal, whilst the competing team were washing up, the rest of us were left to judge each part of the meal, on taste, table and meal presentation and overall satisfaction.

I had a great night and thank you for inviting me for such a tasty meal, Merlin!