Saturday I welcomed my last two groups of the season! Tempest & Tornado Explorers and Bassetlaw Explorers. Both groups happen to be from the same Scout County.

Tempest & Tornado Explorers spent Sunday morning relaxing on campsite whilst Bassetlaw completed the KISC Eco Trail around site. Both groups then joined in the International Sports afternoon held by the Pinkies and had Explorers in the winning Volleyball and Football teams!

Both groups headed up to Oeschinensee on Monday. They all got to go on the Rodelbahn, some were a little too enthusiastic and almost toppled out!

Daisy from Bassetlaw enjoying the Rodelbahn
Daisy from Bassetlaw enjoying the Rodelbahn

Quite a few of them went for a little swim in lake and Bassetlaw warmed up after by hiking down from the lake back to camp.

Just a little Cold! - Tempest and Tornado Explorers braving the cold!
Just a little Cold! – Tempest and Tornado Explorers braving the cold!

Tuesday the weather wasn’t great and it rained all day! Bassetlaw had originally planned to hike on of the trails at the top of the Sunnbuel cablecar but decided on an indoor activity to shelter from the rain and took part in Multicrafts! They made mini neckers, friendship braclets, leather woggles. A mini necker was given to the group mascot, Baden!

Baden the Bassetlaw Mascot
Baden the Bassetlaw Mascot with his new necker!

Tempest and Tornado braved the weather and went off to the village swimming pool. In the evening both groups took part in KISC’s Kander Challenge, lots of the challenges also involve water, so a generally soggy day for all!

For Tempest and Tornado Explorers the rest of this week they are split into three groups rotating around three different activities each day, climbing at Winteregg, Team building and the Lotschenpass hike. A few of the Explorers are planning on getting up tomorrow morning in time to watch the sunrise and take a time lapse video! – I’ll let you know how they get on!

Today Bassetlaw split in to two groups, swapping between the Highropes course and the swimming pool. The leaders even managed to have a relaxing hot chocolate at the top of the Almenalp cablecar! Tomorrow they’re heading off to Interlaken and to visit the Trumelbachfalls!

Ready for the Ropes!
Ready for the Ropes!
It's a balancing act!
It’s a balancing act!

The last week seems to be going so fast!