So it’s been a great first few days for 1st Chalfont St Giles, 72nd Portsmouth Scouts and Explorers and Odiham Scouts – that’s both weather and activities!

After settling in on Saturday afternoon and exploring the campsite on Sunday morning they set of up to Ueschinenhutte for an overnight Hike and Climb session. They started of on some small boulder climbs, building up to a larger one and then moving on to some bigger and higher roped climbs! (Bouldering is climbing with no ropes or harness – don’t panic there’s a huge sponge mat below and it’s only done on small boulders or rocks!)

Ready to climb!
Ready to climb!

You're looking pretty little from up here!
You’re looking pretty little from up here!
A perfect view!
A perfect view!

Today, they are having a relaxing morning and afternoon – they’ve only just had breakfast! Very well deserved after all the hiking and climbing though! This evening they are heading down to the pool for Wet ‘n’ Wild and then heading to the Swiss Culture evening.

On Sunday 72nd Portsmouth set of up to Oeschinensee for a swim – they lasted about 15 minutes in the water which is pretty impressive!

On Monday the group split up for two day hikes. The Explorers headed up on the Bunderspitz hike, making it to the top was a great achievement for them all and the views were well worth the effort!

At the Top!
At the Top!

The hike has inspired them for their 3 Valleys overnight hike where they’ll be staying at Ueschinenhutte. They’re getting ready for it as I write, packing their rucksacks and making lunch for the way down tomorrow – some a little more enthusiastically than others…

Owen - very proud of his tuna wrap
Owen – very proud of his tuna wrap

Tuesday they took the gentle stroll down to Blausee – although a of the few explorers didn’t think it was all that gentle!

Blausee 'Blue Lake'
Blausee ‘Blue Lake’

Blausee is a beautiful lake just along the Kander valley half way between Kandersteg and Kandergrund. The lake is so clear and blue you can see right to the bottom!

Portsmouth Scouts completed the Gasterntal hike on Monday, slightly easier than the Explorers hike but equally rewarding and challenging for the Scouts!

Monday evening the two groups rejoined for dinner and then headed down to the international evening, which for once was held outside on account of the sunshine!  They took cucumber sandwiches to share with the other groups from around the world and swapped a lot of badges!

Pyramid anyone?
International Evening

Tuesday morning the Scouts took part in the Jucinator Eco workshop. Which involves learning all about food miles and the benefits of seasonal food. They Scotus got to make their own carbon neutral smoothies on the famous KISC Jucinator Bike. In the afternoon they headed off on their overnight hike to Ueschinenhutte – They are yet to return but I’m sure I’ll have some great stories and picture to fill you in with tomorrow!

Odiham Scouts have and a great few days as well and set off super early this morning to head up the Jungfrau! Looks like the weather has been on their side too any they have got some amazing views!

That’s all for now! Check back soon to see what else everyone has been up to – it’s sure to involve more hiking somewhere!