Where mountains stretch as far as the eye can see, beckoning hikers to their summits, The Berner Oberland (home to the famous-among-Scouts Kandersteg Centre), is a place where beautiful valleys line crystal clear lakes and charming Swiss towns are tucked between lofty mountain peaks.

While each adventurer will have their own reasons for wanting to explore this beautiful region, we’ve put together our top 5 reasons why Switzerland is oh so appealing:

Phenomenal Landscapes and Natural Beauty

As we perch ourselves on our rocks of choice and tuck into cheese sandwiches, we are all in agreement that this is possibly the most perfect picnic spot we’ve ever had the pleasure of picnicking at. Looking out onto the glimmering lake bordered by magnificent mountain peaks, it isn’t hard to hazard a guess as to why the likes of Romantic writers Byron and Shelley spent their summers amidst the scenic beauty of the Swiss Alps; it truly is an inspirational sight and might encourage even the most unpoetic of people to pick up a pen and scribble a sonnet.

The afternoon ahead will be spent seeking out glacial waterfalls, swimming in fresh water lakes and summiting the Jungfrau Mountain – it’s the mountain life for us!

Activity Heaven

Kitted out with helmets, life-jackets and paddles in hand, today we take to the river. We haven’t quite mastered the Pocahontas flair of meandering elegantly down the river with hair swishing in the wind; we’re the clumsy yet determined first-time rafters, emitting shrieks of excitement and battling with the bracing waters. Pocahontas made it look easy – and far less exciting.

A week in The Berner Oberland passes by in a whirlwind of rock climbing fun, mountain biking mania and walking wonderment. We are truly getting our fix of outdoor activity and our fit bits are thanking us for it!

An International Scouting/Guiding Experience

Ask any visitor of Kandersteg or Adelboden their trip highlight and we guarantee this is high up on the list. Welcoming over 12,000 Scouts from across the world every year, KISC is a meeting hub for Scouts from all over the world and there’s no better place to make international friendships. Similarly, a visit to WAGGGS World Centre, Our Chalet, in Adelboden will give Guide groups an appreciation for the international importance of Girl Guiding, reinforcing those values that are so integral to the Guiding ethos.

Camping the Right Way

To paint a picture… It’s been an action-packed day in the mountains and your legs are feeling it. You sit down by the fire and dip your hand into a bag of marshmallows, drawing out the first of many gooey delights. Surrounded by beautiful mountain silhouettes, you sip hot chocolate under a starry sky and reflect on a day of adventure before slipping into a cosy tent and falling asleep to the soothing sounds of nature. Too much? Well that’s the way it goes here.

Love for the Locals

Following numerous encounters with lovely locals and having been showered with tokens of hospitality at every pit-stop, it’s official – we’re in love with the locals. Where a productive afternoon is spent walking nature trails with friends and breathing in the mountain-air, they’ve certainly got it right here and it’s enough to make a city-girl want to up sticks and move over to the Oberland way of life.

Want to experience it for yourself? Find out more about a Scout trip to Kandersteg or a Guide trip to Adelboden on our website!