Clog painting and the leather workshop were excellent, all of the boys will be coming home with their new clog! Unfortunately they don’t have a pair.

Yesterday was theme park day and boy was this a theme park! Loads of extreme rollercoasters for us to enjoy. Lewis C says the best ride was Goliath because it went the highest and fastest, it’s worth another visit. Will said it was awesome because all the rides were awesome and their were barely any queues as the Dutch children were in school. We we did need our full waterproofs due to torrential rain but it was fantastic!!



Today we have been in Amersfoot, canoeing in threes this morning ; somehow Harry, Adam and George ended up in the canal rather than on it. But luckily Adam remembered to take his lunch on the canoe (rather than leave it at the hut with everybody else’s) he even remembered his spare jumper! After another rain storm we paddled back to the town and set off shopping, who knew there were so many different sweets and chocolates! Money well spent. Harry did try to buy a games console though, until reminded it needed a different plug.


This evening we are eating out, pizza all round. Lots of smiling, if soggy faces, shhhh we can’t say it too loud in case it jinxs it but right now the sun is shining!