Day 7 was a day where the scouts could recover from their long busy week. Firstly to start the day the scouts walked into Adelboden where they could explore the shops and town to buy their last minute souvenirs. After a spot of lunch the scouts were given free time to walk around the town and most spent it buying chocolate and presents for their friends and family.

After a couple of hours the scouts all gathered together, where they then hiked to their next activity. The afternoon started with a couple of hours in the local outdoor swimming pool where the scouts enjoyed a chilled swim and play on the pool spring board. Interacting with local children and other scout groups, the scouts had fun cooling down in the pool. The pool had a lovely panoramic view over the Adelboden mountain valleys…truly awesome.

To end the afternoon we took a detour from our normal route home to explore the surrounding mountains of Adelboden and we slowly recovered on our relaxing walk back to the chalet.

To end our exciting and amazing week and our last night in our chalet, everyone had dressed smartly ready for our party and barbeque.

See you at home tomorrow.