Hi all,

We have rounded up some Scout comments for you all to read.

Question: What have you enjoyed the most so far:

Sammie: I enjoyed going around and visiting all of the places

Thomas Hawthorn: I really enjoyed going to Reykjavik and going on the Golden Circle Tour

Ben Saunders: My Favourite thing was the Golden Circle Tour because I got to see amazing nature in Iceland.

Kayden: I enjoyed the hike as it had amazing food, sights and weather.

Ross: I really enjoyed the meals and when we went to Reykjavik

Ethan: I enjoyed all the amazing views like where we climbed the mountain just from our tent where we could see the clear blue lake with a great big mountain behind it. We also drank from the purest natural water resource on the planet. We also watched the hot springs shoot up.

Joe Vaughan: I enjoyed it when we went hiking up the mountain

Kevel: I liked going up the mountain, it was a really good view and I got loads of photos

Alex McCllelland: I enjoyed the beautiful Icelandic weather

Roy Rice: I enjoyed the Geysirs and waterfalls

Zac Kirkham: On this camp I really enjoyed the views from the site and the day in Rekjavik

Ollie Stearn: On this camp I really enjoyed the Golden Circle tour and the views that I saw on it.

Samson T Stuart: On this camp, I really enjoyed the amazing Teepee tent that was very water tight!!

Becky Warman: I enjoyed the coach tour of the Golden Circle

Emily Warman: I enjoyed the hike up the mountain.

Shauna: I enjoyed playing man hunt!!!!

Thomas Hawthorn: I enjoyed the plane ride to Iceland because we got to watch films!