At 11 o’clock on Tuesday night Hilton Guides arrived at the Chalet Schweizerhaus in Kandersteg, oh and they weren’t at all noisy or excited! One of the first things I got told was that they’ve been singing for the last 3 hours non-stop on the coach from Geneva… wouldn’t be a guide group enjoying themselves without it!

A lie-in and chill out day was definitely in order on Wednesday as they explored Kandersteg and apparently did some attempted dives and flips which involved belly flops and very red backs (glad that wasn’t me this time).

Yesterday the group went to Adelboden for an eventful day. First on the list was a visit to ‘Our Chalet’ where the group got a tour around one of the four WAGGGS World Centres and learnt about the history of guiding! The group came away buzzing and it sounded like they really enjoyed it. We then headed to the wood carvers to see the amazing array of woodcarvings, statues and badges. Many of the group stocked up on personalised woggles and secret boxes, followed of course by milkshakes at the café next door!

A very fun first few days and I’m looking forward to getting to know them all more and hopefully not too much singing on every single train this week!!

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