Sorry, we’re a day late with this entry. An early start yesterday on bus and train to reach Spiez, and then a boat ride along lake Thun to Interlakrn to visit the fabulous St. Bestus caves. Luckily they had reopened after Monday’s rain had left them flooded and impassible. A quick lunch and a bus into Interlaken for some free time before going to Schuh for the chocolate show. Plenty of audience participation! Back home to discover…..a mouse! Yes girls, this is what happens if you leave sweets in your room. Everyone tidied and repacked, settled down to sleep and then ….arghhhhhhh. Natasha texts Fraser to tell her they have seen the mouse. Not sure If she thought I missed the screams. Woody and Wiggle set about catching said mouse with a broom and buckets. Did they want the mouse to do the housework? All back to bed and no more disturbance for the night. Photos to be added later.