At the Chocolatier!

Its Charlotte here again, along with a fellow member of the Droitwich Division – Emma G.

Waking up this morning was like being in a Winter wonderland. A glance outside the window was enough to make the mistake that we had been snowed in, when in actuality we were deep amongst the clouds, high up in the sky, and couldn’t see anything in front of our noses.

Thankfully there was no rain this morning, meaning that we weren’t getting soaked through like yesterday morning!

We caught the bus to the ferry, to cross Lake Thun. After this was  a 20-30 minute walk up a fairly steep hill to reach the caves of St. Beatus. The insides of the caves were beautiful; we saw Stalagmites and Stalactites (one of which was 40,000 years old).

After another walk down the steep hill, we reached the Museum. It was fascinating, there was almost too much information to absorb.

We walked to the bus station and visited Interlaken. Here most of us did some souvenir shopping (A couple of us got slushies and ice cream).

We then entered the CHOCOLATE SHOP! We were all very excited about this as you can imagine. We were given a chocolate talk, and then a show, we were taught about the processes of chocolate making, we even got to sample some!

We all had a fantastic day! We’re looking forward for tomorrow, where we get to visit ‘Our Chalet’, and I – Charlotte – even get to make my promise! I can’t wait!