‘Guten Abend’ (Good Evening) from all the Rangers here in Adelboden, including me Charlotte Turner – a member of the Droitwich Division accompanying the Kidderminster girls.

This morning on the 25th of August, me and the rest of the Droitwich girls woke in our attic room by Gail, at 6AM, alerting up that it was time for the new day to begin. Our efficient idea of pack our lunches and bags the night before meant that we only had to get changed, eat our breakfast and clean our teeth. Unfortunately with such a jam-pack day, time is a luxury we can’t afford to spend leisurely waking and dressing.

A quick walk in the rain, down the hill outside our Chalet meant that we sat on the bus with soaking clothes and bags, but none of that really mattered because it was overshadowed by the excitement of the future day! After a short journey we hopped off and headed for the Cable Car which took us up toward the Cheese Factory. The ride allowed us to witness the second longest Waterfall in Switzerland – the Engstligen, plunging 600 metres, of course this was the prime opportunity for pictures to show the family at home. The fall was gushing as consequence of the heavy downfall.

Getting off the Cable Car resulted in a fairly short walk down to the Factory which was exacerbated by the rain. Along side the road we walk upon, cows strolled and we gazed at the large bells that hung around the necks. The factory its self was simple yet practical, with everything that the owner – Marta – needed. We all watched in awe as she stirred and heated the cheese in front of us as she explained the processes of cheese making. We had the chance to sample some of her homemade cheese, Mountain and Mutsch cheese. Mountain cheese was older and harder, whilst the Mutsch was younger and soft – both, in my opinion, were delicious. After this, the cheese was taken out of its cauldron which it was sitting in, and fitted into fixed plastic cases and pressed with stones. Marta needed her husband for assistance.

Then we all went into the cellars and saw the vast amount of stored cheese that Marta had made in the past. Most of us then paid for our own Mountain cheese to eat/ take home.

The rain had caused most of us to feel a little down, but Mandy cheered everyone up by producing Umbrella hats that Luisa and I wore to shield us from the rain, and make a fool out ourselves as a joke and lighten the mood. Good old Mandy.

We all went back to the Chalet then, because we weren’t exactly in the mood to go swimming in the rain or buying souvenirs. Most of us made friendship bracelets; played cards; or read a book and waited for a delicious dinner (which was going to be an outdoor BBQ, but we had it in doors) consisting of hot dogs, burgers and ice cream and jelly – all of us enjoyed it (even Sam who is extremely fussy)

‘Gute Nacht’ (Good Night) here from all of us at Adelboden!