Hello, Emily L here 🙂 Today we went and visited the International Scout Centre and one of the “Pinkies” called Robyn showed us round. There are about 70 of them and the majority are volunteers. She was really nice and even showed us the laundry room! It was rather interesting and the pile of washing they had was quite a bit smaller than what they’d had a couple of weeks before. The walls were decorated with neckers that had been gifted from around the world by all the visitors. Sadly some have been taken, but they have filled the spaces with all the others that they have had. They had just began the biannual challenge of cleaning the massive amount of washing, ironing, refolding and then pinning them back up on the walls, so we saw the small amount that had been washed and then the massive amount still on the wall. Quite a task!

We were shown around some of the bedroom areas. Each room is sponsored by a different region so each of the rooms have different decorations donated from each of the groups in that region. We saw Australia’s room with many koala soft toys and cactuses, the UK’s room with many framed plaques from different places in the UK such as Borough of Warrington.

We were then shown outside where many flags were flying. At new year, all the flags are removed and when a country visits, their flag is put up, so we could see who had visited from the beginning of the year. Also outside was a building that is planning on being refurbished and there was scaffolding showing where the new extension was going to be so all the residents could see.

Past there was a lovely river that looked like it had been dyed blue because it was from the glaciers, lined with rocks. We went onto another building which was for the self catering scouts and was a bit more expensive as it was done up more recently and in this building we had a musical jam!

After this we then went towards the camp site where there was an opening covered by a section of wooden fencing saying “Life is better than death/ Please use zebra crossing! Live your dream alive” which we found amusing.

In the afternoon we went up the mountain in cable cars and saw many cows with cow-bells round their necks and went down to the lake Oeschinensee which was very calm and great to skim stones across. It was a long walk to the lake and back, so some people took the bus back! Lazy! There was also a summer toboggan ride which we went on which was a lot of fun, even if there was a backlog! We then took the cable car and the bus back to our chalet to have a well deserved rest!