Today the group paid for the weather to stay sunny and sunny it was! The morning was spent exploring on mountain bikes… even though Holland is a pretty flat country! But hey, everyone seemed to love it out on bikes. The few who didn’t quite like race through the town, took a slightly different route and of course it was MUDDY! Like you’d expect anything less from them ūüėČ

After everyone was back, clean and fed, it was time to test out their skills at Archery! Once everyone had had their practise shots it was time to see who was the best. Each got one arrow and the arrow closest to the middle won! Now there has been some debate as to who won but, the proof is in the pictures and I’ll let you all decide that one.

However… not to put anyone to shame here but… We also gave a 12 year old girl two arrows, (as this was her first time doing Archery) and lets just say she was either very lucky or just had a fantastic aim, as one¬†arrow hit¬†in the outta yellow ring, and the other…a¬†perfect bull’s-eye!