A lot was achieved on our  final wet morning at KISC – the scouts faced the essential task of packing and cleaning their bedrooms ( no mean feat when 10 scouts share one dorm !), then set off around the KISC site to complete the ECO challenge badge requirements. We all went into Kandersteg village for one last time for souvenir (sweet) shopping and to buy some lunch. It was sad to leave the mountains after our week surrounded by such impressive summits but the ride down the valley was as spectacular as the first time. We then crossed a level part of France with views of the Vosges mountains to our west before entering Luxembourg and then through Belgium in the dark to arrive at Calais at approx. 6am. We crossed the channel during a lovely sunrise (see the picture) and arrived at Cardiff West services to drop off our friends from 6th Barry Sea Scouts. Many new friendships were formed during the week and we hope to meet ‘the Barrys’ again for a spot of sailing and green-field camping next year.

As I complete my final blog for our trip this year there are some people who deserve a particular mention. Firstly Kate for taking on all of the responsibility that goes with such an adventure and putting together a fantastic week which went without a hitch despite the weather-related necessary changes. Martyn , Cath and Jo have masses of experience and although Anita was on her first Scouting trip all the adults were always there to take on a share of the workload, be it kitchen, pastoral, first aid or advising.

All the Scouts were a pleasure to be with – the older boys are  so considerate and reliable and the younger ones threw themselves into the various new activities with an enthusiasm  that was a joy to behold. Finally, our Venture Abroad rep. Chris Rushworth who is a Scout Leader himself while studying at Uni in the UK was around every day, guiding us into Thun, entertaining the Scouts, helping me with the Blog and generally being an all round ‘good egg’. Thanks very much to Chris.

I hope all the Scouts and leaders manage to get a good rest before starting back at school/college/work and then maybe planning the next trip to Switzerland !

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