the walk up to the valley to the hut which is 1km beyond the 3 huts in the distance

On Wednesday we had a leisurely start with an activity called ‘the secret life of bees’ where all the scouts made a habitat suitable for small bee colonies from bamboo and plant pots.

After lunch we all set off on a challenging climb into a neighbouring valley, Uschenental in temperatures pushing 80F and very humid. Lots of water required in addition to personal kit and all the food for three meals for 22 of us plus 4 guides. About 2 hours later we emerged, kilograms lighter having drunk litres of water into a large open valley filled with goats and alpine cows, all wearing the traditional swiss bells. Another hour or so later we arrived exhausted at the hut. The hut is a traditional alpine farm house, half of which is still a cow barn (very fragrant! ) and the front half is used by KISC. Downstairs was a small kitchen with Aga type wood stove and a quaint wooden clad living/dining room. Upstairs 3 rooms under the eaves with mattresses etc for the leaders/boys and girls.

Kate, Jo, Cath and Anita cooked us a fantastic menu of chicken curry or chicken with tomato and herb sauce as the thunder and rain set in. After a comfortable night, then breakfast cereal, and cold meat and cheese platter we set off for our climbing morning. Everyone enjoyed the chance to climb a real rock face then abseil down before we stopped for lunch. Unfortunately rain prevented us doing the afternoon climbing session so we set off slightly early for the walk down. Very wet, but not cold and all in fine humour. All the scouts have been a joy to be with and they’re now relaxing and visiting the KISC souvenir (sweet) shop!