You can’t expect a journey to the top of Europe to take five minutes, so we started early and were soon into our journey of a bus and five trains each way!

We enjoyed the fabulous views on the journey even if not the dizzy heads and jelly legs caused by the rapid ascent! Our antics on the Jungfrau train probably distracted the guides from their popping ears as we engaged our whole coach in a rendition of Eidelweiss with actions! Only to be upstaged by our new American/ Canadian Indian travel mates with their version of the Macarena!


On arrival at the top we made our way out into the snow for our own version of an ice picnic. After a quick version of Let it go, a snow ball fight and some impromptu ‘sledging’ on a plastic bag we made our way back inside the mountain to slide around the Ice palace.

On the way down we were all intrigued when Dot declared she had seen a bell with a cow on it – we’re all still looking for that one!

A look of relief came across Sarah’s face as we made the last of our travel connections – we are loving travelling on the Swiss trains, especially the double decker!

The leaders!