This morning we had a leisurely yummy cooked breakfast and then at 10:45 we walked down to the bus stop where, as this was a relaxing day, we caught the bus to Unter dem Birg and got on a cable car up the Englistinalp mountain.

The views over the waterfall and the mountain basin at the top far exceeded expectations – it was photos galore! We were so taken by the mountain cows with their melodic bells, that we started the ‘take a cow selfie’ challenge… with hilarious results. Luckily, the cows were very patient. We also had some back to nature moments as we identified wild flowers, caught grasshoppers and kissed a frog – who we named Englebert.

We walked around the basin to find a lovely spot for a panoramic picnic, before heading to the cafe for an ice cream courtesy of the Sittingbourne Scouts – thank you!

We couldn’t possibly not have a paddle in the freshest looking water you have ever seen, even if it did freeze our toes off!

Later, we headed into Adelboden for a spot of shopping – Helen and Izzy did a ‘Supermarket Sweep’ in the Co-op whilst we all ambled around the gift shops, with Swiss army knives (for dads!) and doughnuts being the most popular fare. The final comedy moment of the day came when the bus on the way home broke down… as we were on a downhill stretch, we decided to walk despite the protestations of the bus driver that a new bus would be along shortly… only to flag him down again as he sailed past at the next stop when we realised actually how far away we had to walk.

By Katie and friends

cow selfie - Morgan and India

Ellie P  cow selfie

Morgan Cow Selfie

Holly cow selfie


India cow selfie

Izzy cow selfie

Katie cow selfie (2)

Sarah cow selfie