The 1st Somercotes Guides have recently returned from India. Here’s a sum up of their amazing trip…

Never ever thought I’d be saying this! For the last 18 days I have been in India… a world of poverty hunger and devastation but also such colours, hardworking, determined and more than creative, strong, amazing members of the community!

From tuk tuk rides to helping the children of a primary school as part of a community project; from climbing mountains to experiencing tours of the different cities; and from trying new foods to having an elephant ride and visiting the Taj Mahal – I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting yet eye opening 18 days!

The children of the primary school were so, so clever, considering the environments they were coming from and the poverty they were living in, and leaving them was the most heartbreaking thing! Teaching them English skills, such as being able to understand left from right and knowing their ups and downs, was so close to our hearts and seeing them develop in such a short space of time was amazing! Watching the concentration and excitement on their faces when they had completed one of the smallest things was beautiful.

As part of the task we were asked on the first day to do some arts and crafts, and watching the smiles on the children’s faces was so, so touching! It reflected that the smallest and most basic things could create such an amazing atmosphere of smiles and plenty of giggles!!! I never had to pretend to be terrified of a paper chain snake in my life, they were all so beautiful and so, so clever, but knowing that half of the children were not going to be able to develop their strengths and become even stronger within themselves was so hard.

The Taj Mahal was such a stunning and peaceful environment full of laughter, smiling faces and tweeting birds!

It was definitely a trip of a lifetime, but I’ve got to say it’s nice to be back in England with structure to the roads! No cows just stopping and laying in front of moving cars and vehicles driving on the complete wrong side of the road!

The trip has definitely shown that you can make any positive out of any kind of negative situation and to laugh no matter what! The whole group was completely out of our comfort zones but conquered every day and took everything as it was given to us!

After 2 years of handwork to fund raise for this trip, we can finally say that we made it girls! I want to say thank you to every single one of you and to all of the other groups that were on the trip too, because without you it definitely wouldn’t have been the same! I also want to say a big thank you to all of the leaders that took the responsibility to look after us all because, let’s face it, we all needed a shoulder to cry on at some point! It truly has been such an amazing experience!