1st Hermitage Scouts at the Menin Gate

Over on Camp Scout, 1st Hermitage Scouts have been enjoying a chill out day and some volunteering to help out the staff here at De Kluis which involved filling in some drainage trenches that previous groups have dug, replacing a campsite sign, cleaning litter from around the site and having fun cleaning the food waste wheelie-bins with a pressure washer.

Yesterday they had a long day out at the Flanders Battlefields, which was very moving as a lot of them hadn’t been before and were surprised by the vast scale of the Tynecot Cemetery. Helen, their Leader, had arranged for everyone to lay a cross at a soldiers grave and to lay a wreath at the main memorial in Tynecot.

After visiting Tynecot we went to Hill 62 where there are some preserved trenches and lots of artifacts in a museum which kept everyone entertained and lifted the mood a little. We then moved on into Ypres where we explored the Flanders Fields Museum which was a good linking of the places we’d visited.

The Scouts explored the town and bought some souvenirs before we went for a meal. Helen had also arranged for the Scouts to lay a Wreath at the Menin Gate during the nightly two minutes silence, in which all of the scouts were brilliantly behaved and presented and definitely did themselves proud.

That’s all for now, check out the photos below!

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