Hi All,

Heather here. We just thought we would give you a quick update as there might not be a blog tonight if we get back too late.
We are currently in a restaurant waiting for tea in Ypres. I would post some photos but the blog won’t let me!

We had a safe journey up to Ypres where we went to the Flanders Fields Museum which was very interesting and kept the girls busy for a few hours. We then ate our lunch and went to the shop in the museum.

After that we went and visited another chocolate shop! With more free tasters!

It was then back on the bus to Hills 62 Sanctuary Wood which gave the girls the ability to see and feel what the trenches might have been like!

Then we headed over to Tyne Cot Cemetery which gave the girls a feel of just how many people gave there lives.

We are now back in Ypres centre having tea (service is very slow) and after this its off to Mennen Gate for the Ceremony!

Food is here so its time to eat up!

Someone will blog tonight or tomorrow!