Well, the group couldn’t have picked a better morning to go Canoeing down the rivers of Amersfoort, that is until the rain came and we all took cover under the nearest bridge. Nothing like a light shower to fill up your Canoe! The groups regardless of the weather seemed to really love their day. With only two boats capsizing and a very lot of rain, it safe to say the group had a very eventful morning.


Once the morning was done and everyone was as dry as they could get, which isn’t easy to do when its still pouring down with rain, the group went on little shopping spree around the town centre. No guesses to what shop they found…. A sweet shop of course. Needless to say more money was spent in there, then on anything else.

After the sweet shopping was complete, the guys all got pre warned not to eat anything before there tea! Of course there were the few who tried to sneak sweets but of course were caught, safe to say the leaders enjoyed what was left of theirs 😉 ! Time for tea and where else better to go then for a PIZZAAAA!!! Luckily for them the rain held off just long enough for them not to get a soggy pizza! Now what could be better!?