Well, the good weather is certainly behind us. The rain was in full force today (and still is!).  After breakfast this morning, Pete managed to book us train and bus tickets to get to the Trummelbach falls. After a 2 hour journey to get there, we arrived at the falls and took a lift to the top.

We then climbed the falls witnessing the amazing views of the water pounding through the mountain. We climbed to the top first and then back down, witnessing all of the falls. At this point we stopped for lunch and then caught the bus back to Lauterbrunnen, where we caught a train to Interlaken OST to do a bit of shopping for an hour and a half (some lads even bought parents presents!)

We are back at the campsite now and have finished dinner (chile con carne if you’re interested) and are back at the campsite, chilling in the marquee as it’s still raining.

The picture below is of the group inside the Trummelbach falls.