Saturday – we arrived at KISC ( Kandersteg International Scout Centre) after a safe 24 hour journey, had some dinner and went to bed earlier (unlike usual.)

Sunday – we woke up from a long night sleep and explored the site and and found out about the upcoming events. after lunch we went to the international sports day and we versed Wales in football and volleyball and won both, they didn’t like losing.

Monday – was an early start (too early) because we went to the top of europe (the jungfrau) the altitude caused few people to feel sick as it was 3486 metres high. To get to the top it was 5 consecutive trains in a row, at the top the secenic view was breath taking. then we looked around the inside of a glacia and saw the spectacular ice sculptrues. After adventuring around the area we had free time which we spent sledging and tubing. we didn’t eat our lunch so we got our moneys worth (1hour and a half non stop.) over all it was an amazing day.

Tuesday – was another early start and we were split in to four groups and half went to the cheesery and the other half (us) climbed the bundespitz which was 2546 metres high and we walked overall 15 miles ( too long and very painful.) the other half which travelled 12 km to the cheesery and gained 700 metres sampled one of the most luxurios cheese and milk in switzerland. after the bundespitz hike our group refreshed our feet in the bath.

Wednesday – we got up early for the third time and travelled in a cable car up to oeschinensee and we saw the clear water from the glaciers. We went rowing for half an hour to the centre of the lake where it was 60 metres deep and afterwards we had a go on the toboggan run which was 800 metres long. After the tobogganing we hiked down keeping our eyes on the swimming pool which we went a done wet ‘n’ wild. the swimming pool had two diving pool and a slide and a river channel.

Thursday- we had a lay in ( 8:30 ) and we travelled to the Trummelbech falls where 20,000 litres a second the water runs through the mountains. We stayed there for an hour and then travelled to interlaken where we spent our money in many souvenir shops many swiss army knives have been bought.

FOOD UPDATE : the lunch food kept getting repetitive and the we miss bacon for breakfast but the evening meals are nice and we get seconds ( nom nom.)

BOYS UPDATE : all well behaved and well showered.

DADS UPDATE: badly behaved and not showered yet !

LEADERS UPDATE : Pete, Dave and Julian one year older but not any more wiser and skip made us do a tent tidy even though his looks like a bomb site.

LADIES UPDATE : well showered, beautifully presented smelling gorgeous but splashing the cash !