At the end of a jam-packed season, Adelboden Rep Georgie reflects on her Swiss adventures and what makes being a Venture Abroad rep such a great summer job

The opportunity to travel…

The Adelboden itineraries include boat trips to Interlaken, train rides to the Top of Europe – Jungfraujoch at 3454m – and the gorgeous Oberhofen castle. Therefore whilst Adelboden was my home for the summer, I got to explore much of the stunning Bernese Oberland region, all in a day’s work.

VA rep life

The Monch from the Jungfrau.

Get to know the resort, like nobody else

Living and working in a picturesque town like Adelboden gave me the chance to experience the local culture in ways I could never do on a mini-break, by getting to know some of the Adelbodeners and seeing how even subtle changes in the season over the summer affect the valley and its farming community.

VA rep life

Trying new things

Tackling fears ziplining at the Adventure Park, swimming in a tranquil turquoise lake (Oeschinensee), having the chance to try cheese fondue and learn about how the Swiss make their world-famous chocolate – this whole summer has been full of new experiences.

VA rep life

Gaining confidence

Over the season, I felt my confidence grow, each week I solved problems and learned more about the area and the people. By the end, I am ready and raring to continue travelling and trying new things.

VA rep life

Meeting new people

Staff and volunteers at Our Chalet, local suppliers, my partner rep, and of course, all the wonderful and unique groups – I’ve shared meaningful conversations, plenty of laughs what Guides call ‘Mountaintop Moments’ with a diverse group of people from the UK and Switzerland throughout my season.

VA rep life

Keeping fit and active outdoors

Unlike many customer service or admin jobs open to students and young people, the life of a Venture Abroad rep is an energetic and outdoor one. The activities include cycling, hiking, climbing, and swimming outdoors, all in the beautiful mountains. My step count? Through the roof!

VA rep life

Clifton Methodist Scouts hiked up to Oeschinensee.

Challenging yourself

Tackling new hikes on my days off, practising my Swiss-German, and working independently… the rep life is never boring because the challenges keep coming!

VA rep life

Giving the high ropes a go at the Adelboden Adventure Park.

Learning new songs, games and handy tips and tricks

Each group taught me something new, we shared songs around campfires, tried a whole host of ways to keep ourselves entertained on trains and I have fully perfected my friendship knot tying abilities.

VA rep life

NOMAD rangers with their buddy boxes.

Experiencing the full variety of the world of uniformed youth organisations

I had experience of Guiding before I came, but I learned about and met Guides, Scouts and Boys’ Brigade from England, Scotland and Wales. Each unit or troop has its own traditions and for one week you are embraced as a member of their family – which never fails to feel like an incredible privilege.

VA rep life

Only 1st Viewpark Boys’ Brigade would swim in Oeschinensee on a 9˚C day.

Developing transferable skills to enhance your CV

The role combines tour guiding, creating social media content, navigating public transport, maintaining and developing supplier relations, independent working, time management, customer service, leading groups and activities. Whatever you want to do in the future, the experience gained over a season as a Resort Rep is sure to help you on your way.

VA rep life


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