It is hotter than Benedict Cumberbach here people! And you shall hear no complaint from me! After the coolest Swiss summer in my lifetime last year- I feel I have earned this sunshine, and who better to share it with than mother and daughter guiding team Barbara and Alison Hornsby and their 1st Highworth guides!

Adelboden was at its sunny best as I collected the unit from their hilltop retreat of Bonderlen one and we followed the Engstligen river along the valley to its dramatic climax at Engstligen waterfalls.

Guides paddled whilst guiders snoozed and I came second at two separate, though equally dramatic, games of “pooh sticks!”

The day ended with a quick shopping trip to the village, before concluding with that all too familiar Bonderlen hill, which can only mean one thing… home (and Stuart’s fab cooking*)!

*I am speaking from experience!

Local flavour: Chocolate from the co-op
New word: Landshark! (I had never heard of this- thanks to: Pip, Gina and Megan for my youtube education!
Quote of the day: “Another one bites the dust” a good tune to stomp up hills to we found!
Fashion police: Bobble hats! And hats fashioned out of international neckers.